A birthday celebrates the date a person was born. On birthdays,


 family and friends celebrate by giving cards and gifts.


Sometimes, a party is held to celebrate. A party for children may


 include games such as 'musical chairs' and 'pass the parcel'.


The birthday cake is decorated with candles and everyone sings


 'Happy Birthday'. The birthday person blows out the candles and


 makes a birthday wish.


Party food is eaten, which may include:     


sausage rolls



fairy bread




bullet fruit





A wedding is celebrated when two people are married. Family and


 friends are present when the bride (woman) and groom (man) make


 a promise to each other. Sometimes they may give each other a


  wedding ring to show  that they are will now spend their lives



Weddings can take place almost anywhere the couple feels is special


 to them. Some couples may marry in a church, others may marry in

 a park, on the beach or in a government office called a Registry



A special meal is enjoyed by all the guests - this is called the 'wedding


Speeches are made and everyone takes home a piece of the wedding


The bride may wear " something old, something new, something

 borrowed and something blue".


After the couple are married, rice or confetti ( coloured bits of paper)

 are thrown over the couple for good luck!


In European countries, the bride may wear a white dress, but in some

 Asian countries, she may wear a red dress as this is thought to be



At Greek weddings, everyone dances the 'kalamantiano'. Plates are

 smashed for good luck!


The couple may have a holiday after the wedding and this is called a

 "honeymoon". This word may have come from the honeyed wine that

 was drunk for the first month after marriage.


Mother's Day



Celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day began  in


 Britain in the 1600's and was called


 "Mothering Sunday". It began as a day that allowed servants


 the day off to visit their mothers. By the 1800's it was


 forgotten, but began again after 1945.


Both Mother's and Father's Day are times when children may


 thank their parents by making a card or doing something


 special for them. The may make breakfast, do some


 housework, clean the car or give them a gift.


Father's Day

An idea came to Sonora Dodd in Washington, USA in 1909 as she was


 listening to a talk on Mother's Day. She wanted to do something


special for her father who raised six children on his own. So in 1910


 on June 19 ( her father's birthday month), she held the first Father's


 Day celebration.


Although this date (  the third Sunday in June) is celebrated in many


 countries, it is held on the first Sunday in September in Australia, and


 in March in Italy and Spain.





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